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Whole PVC Foam Board - White - 3/4 inch thick

Whole PVC Foam Board - White - 3/4 inch thick

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Finish: Choose from the drop down menu whether you want all edges to be sanded and polished by hand. This additional manual process is very time-consuming but yields incredibly beautiful results.

Shipping: Please note that sheets bigger than 36x84 cannot be shipped. They can be sent via freight-shipping or picked up at our store in Los Angeles, California. Please specify in the box at check out or contact us for more information.

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Need us to drill holes, cut out circles, round all edges, or a fourth cut? Please add these extra services to your shopping cart and specify details in the box at checkout. All extra services can be found here.

Individual requests

Falken Design's technical team will be happy to assist you with your individual requests, such as additional sheet sizes, colors and bespoke orders. Thanks to our longstanding experience in the acrylic glass industry we can fulfill almost any wish and any order.

About the material

Falken Design Expanded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a durable and lightweight alternative to traditional PVC. It is best known for its closed-cellular inner core produced by air injection during manufacturing. Expanded PVC has an extraordinary combination of features that make it ideal for signage, exhibits, store displays, POP, kiosks, screen printing and more. The surface has a smooth matte finish that makes it ideal to paint or laminate. PVC sheets are tough, high-strength and lightweight, and easily-available.

  • Excellent impact resistance, very low water absorption and high corrosion resistance.
  • Satin smooth finish makes it ideal to be painted or laminated.
  • Contains no lead and heavy metal.
  • It can be easily sawed, stamped, punched, die cut, sanded, drilled, screwed, nailed, riveted or bonded using PVC adhesives.
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